Wednesday, July 19, 2006

December Baby

I'm introducing life to a new person. Well, not just me, my wife has a lot to do with it...actually, now that I think about it, she's the one doing most of the work.

We're expecting our baby to arrive around November 30th. I'm having a lot of heartburn with this date (not sure how much of a choice I had in the matter...well, ok I had some choice). Here's the problem:

I'm finishing my MBA program in Dec. Dec 9th to be exact. Part of the program is to travel to NY for classes. I've also elected to travel to London and China for a week-long class and my international seminar, respectively. My London trip is Aug 19-26, no problem there. China is Nov 5-11...cutting it a little close. And our regular (and last) trip to NYC for classes is Oct 25-28. Oh, and finals are Dec 7-9. All these dates straddle the ultimate deadline of Nov 30th, which is also a moving target.

Now, I know this is probably a trivial issue but I was hoping there wouldn't be an overlap. I could finish my MBA and start the baby "job" just afterwards. I should be thanking my lucky stars the baby was not born while I was in Term 1 or 2 like some of my classmates.

Liikely I'm stressing over this before I need to and it will probably be ok since my in-laws are closeby and my parents are coming in Dec anyways. Well, if I have any say (and I have very little, I know) Dec 10th would be a great day to have a baby.

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moleboy said...

everyone is having kids these days