Monday, December 04, 2006

And here comes the baby!

Well, she arrived a week early...what a surprise (thank god it wasn't while I was in China or NY). She's gorgeous, of course. Doesn't every dad think his kid is the cutest? I must admit, her head was elongated when she first arrived (yes, I was there for labor AND delivery), but they explained that was because of how she was positioned in the womb. Whew! I thought she was gonna have a funny head for the rest of her life!

Here's a pic at 2 day old --

Ain't she cute? Full head of jet black hair! I expected no less since I had the same when I was born (as do most Indian kids for those that don't know). She's been very quiet (except when hungry) and she poops a lot. Amazing how quickly they learn the burping and farting...and it takes forever to train us to not do that in public.

Well, I'm a proud papa and I'm ready to give her all the best in life. I keep thinking and just don't want to screw her up. Is that something that would be possible to avoid?

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Anonymous said...

GURU FATEH Banjot Singhji,
Congratulations to yo and Meeta, I have been meaning to call your Mom and get your email or phone number to call and congratulate you both, but this seems quicker. This is wonderful news couldn't have happened to a nicer couple. Hope you are doing well, life is certainly going to change. Enjoy every minute of it because this time goes fast. Savneet, Prabhdeep and Divia also send their congratulations. Divia still wishes you would come back to camp. Maybe now you will have reason. All the best to all of you. Raise your daughter to be strong and proud. Two Benanti's born in one year, how great.
Lots of love to all three of you.
Jesleen (